The Wheel of Life’s basic shape is that of a circle with eight divisions.  If you connect the points of the eight divisions, you would create an octagon, symbol of complete balance and stability.  Inherent within the eight are four divisions whose lines can be joined to create a square or, by adding dimension, a cube.  The cube symbolizes balance on the material plane.  You might describe the relationship between four and eight as the inner process of remembering your roots or integrating the presence of the immanent kingdom/child of true Humanity which lives inside you.  Spirit lives in you and you have unlimited potential to create blessings in the material plane. 

The purpose of the ancient Mystery Schools was the very same as that process described above:  to promote the welfare of humankind through knowledge and refinement of the child of true Humanity/the Divine Nature that lives within each being.  Often the most secret mysteries were hidden in the open, so to speak; so it is with the Wheel of Life.  By using the familiar metaphor of the seasons, ancient wisdom teachers cleverly disguised the process of the human soul’s spiritual refinement.  This is the path of en-LIGHT-enment or the soul’s gradual exposure to spiritual light. 

The Wheel of Life combines several wisdom tools under the guise of Nature’s seasonal progression.  Through the metaphorical march of Nature, you will see how the body’s subtle energy centers, the chakras, progressively initiate you into the four initiatory tasks common to humankind.  You may be surprised at the order in which you use your chakras to integrate the four tasks (see Chakras and the Figure-Eight for a more detailed explanation).   

I teach the mysteries of the Wheel of Life through direct experience in circles and workshops.  Our circles are ongoing and meet eight times a year in harmony with the seasons/eight stations of the evolving year.  The year begins anew at the Festival of Birth/Rebirth (the Winter Solstice) at which time new members are invited to join us.  At each circle, we create a Wheel of Life by placing seasonal objects and candles directly upon it.  It is a beautiful and enlightening experience, enhanced by the seasonal energies.   

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