What is meant by the word mystery?  It refers to something that is inexplicable and not easily understood.  It is a riddle, a puzzle to be solved with curiosity and commitment to unveiling its secrets.  When its meaning is comprehended, a change of consciousness ensues, almost without a conscious recognition of the chain of events that led to the transformation.

The mysteries of The Purple Tent™ are open to all earnest spiritual seekers. The Tent awaits and
welcomes you when you answer the True Self's call to find the kingdom within.

Purple’s mysteries include: 

1.  Spirituality…Spirit not only lives inside you, but also surrounds and underlies every concern and manifestation of the material universe.  Be assured that inside you dwell great reserves of spiritual power and presence.  This abundant kingdom is also around you in everything your senses can observe.  You have never been, are currently not, or ever will be separate from the kingdom of which Jesus and Mary Magdalene speak.  It is the One Power, the Great Love, the Divine Light which is present in you and in all the aspects of your life, whether fulfilling or challenging.   

2.  Balance…Purple symbolizes balance because it is created by mixing red and blue with equal strength and character.  Red and blue are often associated with opposite aspects of consciousness such as masculine/feminine, fire/water, hot/cold.  Blending the opposites within yourself to form a balanced middle path creates harmony and ease in your life. 

3.  Healing and transformation…You are the only obstacle standing in the way of finding the kingdom within.  The enemies of the True Self are your untransformed passions such as fear, ignorance, anger, worry, and frustration.  You can only eliminate the dark, unwanted, burdensome, and irritating parts of your life by first facing up to them.  As you face them, you get to know yourself more deeply.  This is a profoundly transformative process of inner correction and enlightenment.   

4.  Learning….Purple is the color attributed to the crown chakra, the energy center at which you open yourself to the transformative instruction of the Divine Light.  It is this Light-power which transforms you, inspires you, and offers you new beginnings.  Ancient wisdom tools help you open to the power of these Light-filled patterns for living.   

5.  Serving….As you become more deeply acquainted with yourself, you are better able to identify your unique areas of service; your soul’s mission and purpose.  It is essential that you enact your areas of service in partnership with the child of true Humanity; the Light presence and power within you.