“There was no wheat when Christ, the fulfilled Human, came:  He brought bread from heaven so that humans might be fed with the food of the human being.”   The Gospel of Philip

The word companion is derived from the Latin com, (with, together) and panis, (bread). It is in your very own Self that the “fulfilled Human” lives with abundant bread for you.  You have only to unite with that holy part of yourself to find a rich feast.  Sometimes it is helpful to have a companion to help you re-member your True Self.

Spiritual companioning is a process during which we partner to glean the spiritual food you seek for your growth and sustenance.  You may want to learn more about an ancient wisdom tool, you may be facing a difficult challenge, or you may want to share your joy because you have just reaped a “bread bonanza”!  Whatever comes your way is an invitation to refine your spiritual consciousness.  It can be a blessing to share it all with a spiritual companion.

Spiritual companioning is available for individuals and couples.