As a minister ordained in the state of Georgia, I can officiate at sacred ceremonies which comprise many and various forms.  You are familiar with many of them including marriage, commitment, and re-commitment ceremonies.  Funerals mark the turning point of the death transition and are occasions to celebrate the life of your loved one, while honoring your own grief.  As you experience deeper relationships with your pets, it is important to mark their passing as well.  Baptismal or christening ceremonies celebrate the birth transition and the welcome of newborn souls to the life experience. 

Personalized rituals are also sacred ceremonies and mark the passage of transformational and transitional events in your life.  Too often, you forget to commemorate the significant passages in your life with sacred ritual.  Ritual marks, by external means, what your consciousness already knows or seeks to internalize.  It deepens and enriches the experience of significant life passages and helps you integrate their meaning into your psyche. 

Personalized rituals can take any form.  They may be created to honor a daughter who begins her menstrual cycle, a “crone” who wishes to mark her passage into the wisdom years, to invite health and happiness to your new home, or to mark the passing of a beloved pet.  Any event or life passage that is significant to you can be celebrated with ritual. 

I would be honored to collaborate with you to create sacred ceremony for the significant life passages which come your way.