My name is Peggy Simms.  The idea of The Purple Tent™ came to me several years ago.  At that time, I did not quite know what I was supposed to do with it; however, I realized the inspiration needed a concrete image.  I found a local gifted designer named Stephen Walker and it was he who birthed the outer image of my inner inspiration. 

When Stephen first created my website, I had been practicing as a licensed social worker for over a decade.  I was specifically trained to work in what the profession calls “clinical” social work; basically, I practiced psychotherapy.  I was especially interested in marriage and family therapy and took some extra time in graduate school to become pre-certified in this specialty. 

During my career, I worked with individuals, couples, and families to assist them in finding solutions for complex intra-personal and relationship dilemmas.  I was trained to work with certain theories and to apply these to my clients’ challenges as a focus of intervention.  Over the years, I came to deeply believe life challenges are rooted in spiritual “causes” and required solutions which my profession did not train me to apply.     
As I practiced, I was also intently exploring my own spirituality and developing a belief system that was a good fit for me.  I explored the Wheel of Life, Gnosticism, Freemasonry, the Divine Feminine, Qabalah, Tarot, mythology, numerology, Aura-Soma (an English color system), the chakras, Reiki, and crystal bowl sound work.  I realized my new system would probably exist outside the confines of a traditional church.  Also, it would have to both transcend and include gender because the equality of the masculine and feminine is essential to my life philosophy.  The system would have to include both psychological and spiritual components and must not impoverish or shame me by marking me as a “born sinner”.  It must be able to give me simple and practical tools to help me move my life in positive directions.  I also value history, so I was looking for a philosophy which had been tested and found worthy across time. 

My searching culminated in a system which embraces all of my prerequisites:  the Western Mystery Tradition, also known as Ageless Wisdom.  It inspires, refreshes, and continues to intrigue me through its ever-deepening unfolding layers of meaning.  It helps me understand the wisdom inherent in our bodies and souls.  It does not paint me as a sinner in need of redemption, but as one who already contains the Divine within herself and continues to save herself through refining my spiritual Light.  It offers simple practices to create a good life. 

I have inactivated my social work license for a trial period of a year to practice as an ordained minister in my particular areas of service.  They include all of the mysteries of purple offered under the metaphor of The Purple Tent™.  These ancient wisdom tools will make the task of spiritual enlightenment easier; however, the “proof of the pudding” comes from the way you handle your real-life trials and tribulations.  It is your own actions which put into practice the teachings of ancient wisdom and embody them in your life.  The experience you gain while overcoming your challenges will help you perfect and purify your own inner sacred temple. 

The ancient wisdom of the Western Mysteries adorns my heart and mind with the brilliant plumage of the deepest wonders of the Ages.  These mysteries could unfold for me because, often despite persecution, many others before me carried the wisdom traditions in their hearts and minds as the centuries turned to millennia.  I hope you will find them as glorious as I do.  Come and join me in The Purple Tent™ as we explore them together. 

Below are some references I would like to share with you.  They have been invaluable to me on my journey and I hope they will also guide you along your own unique path of finding the kingdom within.    

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